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Steph Shep on Saying Yes, Showing Up, and Being Present for Your Life & Planet

Stephanie Shepherd is an entrepreneur, environmental advocate, and tastemaker who educates her dedicated fanbase on how to blend luxury lifestyle and conscious consumerism. Formerly the Chief Operating Officer of Kardashian West Brands, Steph has since established her own platform and partnered with several prominent lifestyle brands including American Express and Google. Most recently, Steph has lent her expertise to Elle Magazine as a monthly contributor and is the host and an executive producer on Facebook’s “StephShepSays.” In 2019, Steph co-founded the climate education platform @FutureEarth. She is an active Board Member for Former Vice President Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project, a strategic advisor for Khana, and has recently joined former Secretary of State John Kerry’s new climate initiative called “World War Zero”.

In this 9th episode of The Know, Steph and Nikki cover a whole host of topics. This unique episode is light-hearted, inspiring, and moving. Topics range from Steph’s early career as a dancer, how she moved into other careers, and how saying yes, being self-competitive, and staying humble and right-sized has pivoted her into numerous unforeseeable career and life paths. Steph and Nikki also discuss the fact that most young people do not actually know what they want to do when they grow up, how hard work and a positive attitude can take you anywhere, following your intuition, the climate crises, racial and social injustice and how they are directly impacted by the climate crises, and so much more!

More topics covered in this episode:

  • Working for strong, powerful females and how empowering that can be

  • The beauty of not comparing yourself to others and the challenge presented by social media

  • Starting your career with no “agenda”

  • Working hard while cultivating relationships and how that can open up the world

  • It is ok to not have a specific path

  • Learning to trust yourself more and how to follow your “know” through trial and error

  • Growing up non-caucasian in America

Connect with Steph: Instagram: @steph_shep / @futureearth Connect with Nikki: Instagram: @NikkiSappSpo / @TheKnowWithNikkiSpo Website: For information on sponsorships and collaborations, please email


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