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The Entrepreneurial Mindset with Shiri Sarfati

Welcome back everyone! I am so excited for today's episode as we are joined with the amazing Shiri Sarfati. Shiri is a beauty and wellness expert as well as a licensed esthetician. She is the founder of 23Skin, a beauty brand based on natural and clean ingredients that provide spa quality results at home, and is a partner and executive vice president of her family-owned professional skincare brand. 

Her thought is that we don't need to buy into the societal pressures of looking perfect, and that skin care should be about wellness and feeling good and glowing from the inside out. Tune in to hear more! 

In this episode…

  • Entrepreneurial lifestyle 

  • Environmental stressors 

  • Lifestyle pivots 

  • Clean beauty 

  • Motivation 

  • Big & small wins 

  • Finding inspiration 

  • Finding a support team 

  • Believing in yourself 

  • Beauty standards 


“Being an entrepreneur is a mindset.” - Shiri Sarfati 

“We have these environmental stressors and we really have to dig deep and say, ‘What do I need to do at this moment in order to accelerate and know where I'm heading towards?’ And those pivots are game changing.” - Shiri Sarfati 

“It is important to celebrate the wins because they are what lead us to the next big thing.” - Shiri Sarfati 

“You have to love yourself. You have to believe in yourself and have people around you that believe in you.” - Shiri Sarfati

“I definitely find myself having to walk the talk. The things that I talk about on my podcast, I say to myself, ‘you better be ready to back this up with your actions.’” - Nikki Spo

"What I would love for people to do is just to look at themselves and say, ‘I look beautiful. My skin is glowing, I have my health, I feel vibrant.’ And from that place is where you WILL look vibrant. The most gorgeous people in the room are the people that have wonderful confidence.” Shiri Sarfati 

“Instead of a vicious cycle of neglect and lack of self-care, you need to do the reverse. You need to say, ‘I love myself, I take care of myself and because I take care of myself, I love myself.’” - Nikki Spo 


0:00 - 2:10 | Introduction 

2:10 - 5:55 | Shiri Sarfati & 23Skin background 

5:55 - 10:25 | An entrepreneurial lifestyle 

10:25 - 12:00 | The effect of covid 

12:00 - 14:10 | The pivot to being an entrepreneur 

14:10 - 17:35 | Environmental stressors, big or small 

17:35 - 19:05 | Defining “Clean Beauty” 

19:05 - 21:50 | Having a breakthrough moment 

22:31 - 24:15 | Staying motivated to accomplishing your mission 

24:15 - 27:15 | Finding inspiration to pull yourself out of the rut 

27:15 - 31:05 | Having a supportive partner 

31:05 - 37:00 | The ever changing beauty standards of society 

37:00 - 38:25 | Taking the leap 

38:25 - 40:04 | Outro

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Connect with Shiri Sarfati & 23Skin

Connect with Nikki 


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