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The Power of Food, Delegation, and Creating Healthy Habits with Diana Arango

In this episode, we sit down with Diana, the founder of Chefpost, a platform that connects families with personal chefs. Diana is a Colombian-born and-raised entrepreneur who started her career as a lawyer at her family business. She eventually grew a passion for creating businesses that solve real problems. As a working mother of two children, she understands the challenges of balancing work, life, and all associated responsibilities. To alleviate this stress, she created Chefpost, a service that allows people to reserve a chef on demand for weekly meals or special events.

Diana shares her personal experience with the stress of cooking for her family and how she discovered the beauty and power of delegating family tasks. We discuss the importance of delegating help for daily responsibilities, doing nice things for yourself, finding what is important to you, and practicing self-love. Lastly, Diana shares some tips on creating healthy habits with food. Tune in for an inspiring conversation on how to create a better life balance!

In this episode…

  • About Diana and Chefpost

  • The stress of cooking for your family

  • The beauty and power of delegating family tasks

  • Diana’s life before Chefpost

  • How to effectively time block

  • Maximizing your life

  • Delegating help for your daily responsibilities

  • Doing nice things for yourself

  • Finding what is important to you

  • Self-love

  • Creating healthy habits with food


“I saw that many moms, clients, and friends were having the same issue. They didn't know what they were going to cook, or they ran out of ideas. So I thought how amazing it would be to make an Uber-like app but for at-home chefs.”

“As moms especially, we are multitaskers by nature. It can take a hit on your health and body. You are going to be frustrated, which leads to you getting frustrated with your kids or partner. That's when I started finding solutions.”

“Getting help is important for your well-being. We have to remember that we can’t always do everything.”

“Food is not a sacrifice, it is a pleasure in life.”


0:00- 3:10 | Intro

3:10- 12:10 | About Chefpost

12:10- 16:00 | Diana’s life before Chefpost and how she started her business

16:00- 22:10 | How to time block effectively

22:10- 29:10 | Delagating help for your daily responsibilities

29:10- 34:00 | Taking time for yourself

34:00- 40:00 | Creating healthy habits with food

Connect with Nikki

@nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo

Connect with Diana

@dianaragno / @chefpost


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