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The Self-Love Club

Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves! Whether you’re in a relationship, flying solo, resurrecting from a break-up, in a situationship, or playing the field… this week we are looking inward and focusing on self-love. So! Welcome to the self-love club… you’re always welcome here <3


“Welcome to the self-love club. This is a space where we honor our truths and live and love deeply. It is where we stand unapologetically in our essence, where we shine and bring others to shine with us.”

“We are never alone when we are at peace with ourselves.”

“Who are you? Who are you without your job, without your achievements, without your spouse, without your children, without your possessions? Who are you on the inside?”

“The universe knows your intentions behind your thoughts, actions, and choices.”


00:00- 2:18 | Welcome to the self-love club

2:18- 3:10 | The journey to self-love

3:10- 4:25 | Self-love affirmations

4:25- 7:20 | Getting to know yourself

7:20- 10:50 | Putting yourself first


“I am alive and I am on fire.”

“I am an energetic match for that which I love and desire.”

“I am home.”

“I am the purest version of myself.”

“I am alchemy.”

“I create and I shift.”

“I can make beauty out of darkness.”

“I am a wonder-filled wonderful child of the devine.”

“Still, I rise.”

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