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The Way of Integrity Recap with Nikki Spo

Welcome back, Light-seekers and Truth-speakers! This week I am recapping a book that I read that was mindblowing. My dear friend (and former guest!) Susie Moore told me about Martha Beck’s book, The Way of Integrity, and I immediately hopped right in to read it. Martha Beck does a phenomenal job putting every emotion and feeling I have had about “the deep inner knowing” … into words. Check out the points that hit home for me. I hope you feel inspired to read the book!

In this episode

  • The Way of Integrity

  • Psychological sufferings

  • Personal anecdotes from Nikki

  • The power of words and actions

  • Reflection on Childhood and adolescent life

  • Interpretations of life’s stories

  • The “no-lie” rule

  • “Hell thoughts”

  • The myth of normal

  • Martha Beck’s vulnerability

  • Embracing your known misery

  • Coming to a space of enlightenment

  • Being of service to others


“Martha Beck states, ‘the end game of The Way of Integrity is coming to terms with the idea that we don’t actually know anything.’ If you have been listening, this is what The Know Podcast is paradoxically about.”

“Martha Beck states that ‘the worst psychological sufferings come from thoughts that we genuinely believe, while simultaneously knowing that they are not true.’”

“Reflecting on my childhood, adolescence, and adult life, and now being a parent, it is clear how powerful our words and actions are. In personal experience, we as children believe that our experiences directly reflect ourselves and our values.”

“The stories we are told, and interpretations of our life’s experiences, can become part of our identity.”

“I felt equally entitled to take up space and be large and magical and special, as I felt that I was unworthy of all that.”

“I know for certain that I have created and live in my own hell of anger, pain, and suffering.”


0:00- 2:25 | Introduction

2:25- 5:50 | About the author’s two favorite analogies

5:50- 8:30 | Quotes from the book

8:30- 9:50 | Nikki’s personal “Hell” thoughts

9:50- 11:30 | The no-lie rule

11:30- 15:20 | Using anger as a source of information

15:20- 17:20 | Embracing the known misery

17:20- 20:00 | Martha’s vulnerability

Connect with Nikki

Martha Beck’s book, The Way of Integrity


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