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Tina van der Ven on How to Succeed

Episode 5: How to Succeed with Tina van der Ven Tina van der Ven is a Public Relations and Marketing Superstar, a mother, a mentor and a wife who lives and works in Miami, Florida.

Formerly of Greenberg Trauig, Ernst & Young & Enzyme, Inc., Tina is currently enjoying her roles as Chief Strategy Officer of NewStar Media, Founder of VDV Consulting, and PR and Marketing consultant to several diverse companies across the country. In this inspiring episode, Tina discusses her experience moving from Iran to America in the late seventies, watching her parents rebuild their lives in America starting from the ground up and using good old fashioned sweat equity to build success.

She passionately discusses how these experiences shaped her work ethic and her entire life.

Tina also discusses how taking time away from her career to focus on her family was an important experience for her and why it has been equally important for her to re-enter the workforce.

Other topics covered in this episode are women supporting other women, what that really means and how women can better support one another, the importance of giving back to ones’ community, and the responsibility parents have to pass this important message along to their children. Tina reminds us that, “We ALL have a story. And stories are powerful.”

In addition, we cover: ·

  • How to build success ·

  • Growing from our mistakes ·

  • Understanding who you are ·

  • How expectations can shape us in both positive and negative ways ·

  • Overcoming “mommy guilt” ·

  • The importance of mentorship

Favorite Quotes: “Success comes with sweat equity.” “The people who win are the people who are consistently hungry.” “I don’t want my children to think they have to be perfect.” “Sometimes we get caught up in who we SHOULD be instead of who we WANT to be.” “It is our civic duty to roll up our sleeves and give back.”

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