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'Tis the Season for Family Boundaries

Erin Morrison is a Conscious Parenting Practitioner who supports women in reconnecting to their true selves. She does this by exploring the wounds of the past, examining how they unconsciously affect our current lives and replacing them with the power of self-love, self-compassion and embodiment of our wholeness. Erin uses a comfortable, relationship-based approach to help women find the beauty in healing the most painful of wounds; the ones from our families. Erin holds two masters degrees in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University and was trained in Conscious Parenting by world-renowned psychologist Dr. Shefali Tsbary. Erin is a mother of two, a wife of one and forever devoted to helping women find their greatest gift, connection to themselves.

In this special “holiday” episode of The Know, Nikki and Erin aim to provide listeners with the power to truly enjoy the holidays and time with family by arming them with the tools to set boundaries that align with their truth. Nikki and Erin explore the feelings and anxieties that can lead up to family and holiday gatherings and why these feelings and anxieties may come up for so many of us. Erin provides insight on both handling and identifying “big feelings,” how to set boundaries, and how to actually make this time of year enjoyable! Erin also explains why it is so hard for many of us to set and actually maintain boundaries and provides real strategies for implementing them. The ladies discuss the concept of “Boundary Backlash” and Erin provides a “Survival Guide” of action tips for uncomfortable or triggering moments. Erin reminds us that we must find self-compassion as our “hearts are doing a lot” this year.

Lastly, wishes for a happy & healthy holiday season from The Know with Nikki Spo. We hope that this episode provides you with a blueprint to navigate challenging family dynamics while listening to your own inner knowing.

More topics covered in this episode:

  • Existing expectations and regulating expectations during the holidays

  • Returning to your family of origin after experiencing personal growth and how difficult that can be

  • The “big feelings” that can appear as a result of old wounds

  • Relearning how to experience these feelings

  • Cutting through the guilt and shame that may come with having negative feelings about the holiday season

  • How to set boundaries

  • Forming a united front with your spouse/partner when implementing boundaries

  • Responding to boundary backlash (Erin provides us with actual responses!)

  • The notion of quality time versus quantity of time

  • The holidays can be enjoyable!

Connect with Erin: Web: Email: IG: @itstheconsciousmom

Connect with Nikki: Web: IG: @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo

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