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Until Every Woman Heals with Dr. Kat Vigo and Dr. Luly

What is up, my beautiful, knowing, truth speakers! This episode is brought to you by Painless Pregnancy. Scroll down for your deal!

This week on the pod, we welcome two bad-a** doctors on the show today; Dr. Kat Vigo and Dr. Luly Diez. Dr. Kat is the founder of Painless Pregnancy and a physical therapy doctor specializing in pregnant and post-partum woman. Dr. Luly is also a physical therapy doctor and the founder and manager of the Miami branch of Painless Pregnancy.

In this episode, we talk about how it is NOT NORMAL to pee your pants or pee when you jump or have painful s-e-x. It is not normal to be bloated and continue to look pregnant months after you give birth. YOU DON’T NEED TO LIVE THIS WAY!!!! Warning: this episode may get graphic... but… it is exactly what you need to hear when you are pregnant and recovering from giving birth. Our goal is to help tons of women with this conversation. Tune in!

In this episode…

  • Dr. Kat’s and Dr. Luly’s birthing stories

  • What a 4th-degree tear when giving birth is

  • Pitocin

  • The business of birth

  • Creating a painless pregnancy

  • Effective pushing positions

  • Vaginal deliveries and hip instability

  • Why it is essential to treat the scar area for cesarean moms

  • Traumatic c-sections

  • Painful sex in menopausal women

  • The commonality of pre-menopausal women experiencing painful sex after giving birth

  • Treating prolapse

  • Why prolapse happens

  • Patience in your recovery


“It is never too late to address these issues. We love the idea of wellness and prevention since this is such a big moment in your life. Bringing a new life into the world can be so much for your body. And that is not acknowledged enough.”

  • Dr. Luly Diez

“We want to help support women throughout their pregnancy and post-partum journey so they can have good experiences. Pregnancy should not be a painful situation.”

  • Dr. Luly Diez

“We are not mental health counselors, but we do really show up fully for these women and their rehab.”

  • Dr. Kat

Why pain exists during sex with menopausal women; “Aging has a lot to do with hormone shifts. Lack of estrogen can cause the vaginal tissue to atrophy and dry up. So it is two things- the tissue is not as plump and the area is not well lubricated. This is something we treat.”

  • Dr. Kat

“Just because you are cleared to have sex or exercise 6 weeks after giving birth doesn’t mean you need to feel ready to do those things. It just means your body has healed and won’t be dangerous for you.”

  • Dr. Luly Diez


0:00- 3:15 | Introduction

3:15- 12:45 | Dr. Kat and Dr. Luly personal birthing stories

12:45- 17:50 | The business of birth and induction

17:50- 20:00 | Choosing this career

22:50- 27:00 | About Painless Pregnancy.

27:00- 32:40 | Why it is important to treat the scar area for cesarean moms

32:40- 36:00 | Combatting traumatic c-sections

36:00- 39:35 | Why pain exists during sex with menopausal women

39:35- 41:45 | How common is it for pre-menopausal women to experience painful sex after giving birth

41:45- 45:10 | Treating prolapse

45:10- 49:00| Patience in recovery


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