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Using Style to Claim Your Confidence with Kimmie Sussman

Kimmie Sussman is a powerhouse fashion stylist who currently splits her time between Miami, New York and London. Kimmie discovered her love of fashion and style at the tender age of five hanging out in her parents' clothing boutique in New York. Kimmie has worked in various roles in the fashion industry for over twelve years, working in management, sales, buying, merchandising and most famously as a world renowned stylist. Her impressive portfolio ranges from music videos, television, celebrity styling, advertisements, editorials, runway shows, to everyday wardrobe styling and live appearances. Her client list currently includes Timbaland, Camilla Belle, Mariah Carey, Giuliana & Bill Rancic, MTV, Universal Records, People Style Watch, Ocean Drive, Cotton Incorporated and a whole host of others celebrities, companies and individuals. Kimmie’s style is fun and unique and she draws on her travels, her time spent in retail as well as her natural eye for detail, individuality, and fun. Kimmie’s focus with her clients is to bring how they feel on the inside to their outward aesthetic. She views her work as extremely rewarding when she can help to make someone feel confident and to reclaim their voice. Kimmie is known for her dynamic spirit, intoxicating personality and dedicated work ethic. Her clients view her as a personal cheerleader and love the excitement and laughter that Kimmie brings to every day life through styling. Kimmie is a wife, a mother, and a friend to many.

In this fun and upbeat episode, Kimmie discusses how her illustrious career as a world renowned fashion stylist began, how she paved her own way by saying “yes" and how she uses style and fashion to help her clients find or re-find their own inner voice. Kimmie talks about personal style, and how one can use their individual style to elevate how they feel. As Kimmie says, “it’s not superficial if it makes you feel well and if it makes you feel good." Kimmie and Nikki discuss the idea of “fake it till you make it” with confidence and how confidence can be your best accessory. Kimmie does not “want to live in a world where everyone looks the same."As can be seen from her eclectic client roster Kimmie is able to meet her clients where they are and to bring a level of uniqueness to each person she styles. Kimmie also shares her personal style pieces and more!

More topics covered in this episode:

  • Staying humble and working hard

  • Redefining your style

  • Doing what you love

  • Fun style pick

Connect with Kimmie: Web: Instagram: @kimmiesussman Email:

Connect with Nikki: Web: Instagram: @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo For information on sponsorships and collaborations, please email


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