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What I Learned About Giving Birth - Nikki Spo

Okay! So this week on The Know I'm giving you all the info on what I learned the two times I gave birth. I had my first son in 2018 and my second son in 2019... and with my baby girl on the way, I've been reminiscing about what I was taught about childbirth. When you're pregnant, there are usually a ton of people who love to tell you what to do with your body (ummmmmmm... let's not even start with how BIG of a problem that is)... and I am not here to tell you what to do with yours. But! I do want to give you some insight into how I made decisions regarding the birth of my two children, and how I worked together with my doctor, my partner, and my doula. Also - I share some tips and tricks about.... pushing... that I picked up along the way. Please keep an open mind! I am truly speaking from personal experience. As always - do your own research, consult with your doctor, and come up with a plan that works best for you! xoxo! Nikki Spo!

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