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What I Would Tell My 20s Self with Nikki Spo

My loves! Nikki Spo here. So... Something that I am really passionate about today is just having the ability and desire to connect with other women. Women of all ages. I love connecting with women who are older than me to see how they’ve achieved their life, love, family, and professional goals. I love connecting with women who are younger than me, whose energy and optimism often inspire me. I want to talk to ALL THE LADIES! Because camaraderie and authenticity are the pillars of The Know and I want to feel all the feels and look at all the perspectives. SO! This episode is geared to the 20 somethings. Here is what I would tell my 20s self.

Connect with me: @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo For information on collabs/sponsorships, please email


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