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Why Putting Your Kid in Occupational Therapy is NOT Taboo with Linda Matthews

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The Know is not about knowing everything. It is about knowing OURSELVES. If you have kids, knowing US is knowing them and what they need. This week’s guest is Linda Matthews, Pediatric Occupational Therapist. She has been an OT for 25 years. In this episode, we are removing the stigma of occupational therapy and breaking down why it can be essential for your child.

This week, Linda is educating our listeners on why occupational therapy is so important in your child’s development and why starting OT young, when needed, is key. OT can help support your child’s sensory skills, emotional development, motor skills, vision skills, reflex patterns, and so much more. Linda goes in depth as to why OT helps in all of these areas. Linda also teaches us the importance of advocating for your child, what to do if you sense that your child is on the spectrum, how low-income families can access OT, and how we can destigmatize therapy altogether.

In this episode…

  • What is occupational therapy?

  • Importance of early education

  • Reflexes in early childhood

  • Covid affecting childhood development

  • Destigmatizing occupational therapy

  • Developmental milestones

  • The importance of early intervention

  • Establishing responsibilities for your kids

  • Structured play and unstructured play

  • What to do if you sense that your child is on the spectrum

  • Special learning interventions in the school system

  • The importance of advocating for your child

  • How to access OT as a low-income family

Time stamps

0:00- 3:00 | Linda Matthews introduction

3:00- 8:30 | What is OT, and how can it help your child?

8:30- 16:25 | Reflexes in early childhood

16:25- 21:40 | The importance of OT after Covid

21:40- 32:50 | Destigmatizing occupational therapy

32:50- 35:00 | Building skills with play-based activities

35:00- 39:30 | What to do if you sense that your child is on the spectrum

39:30- 41:20 | Access to occupational therapy for low-income families


“Occupational therapy can help every child because every child will not hit every milestone in every area at the same time or level as their peers or siblings. Occupational therapy supports sensory skills, emotional development, motor skills, vision skills, and reflex patterns.”

“Kids during Covid had to stay home and lacked stimulation and exposure to essential activities like playgroup or daycare. When they were finally exposed to these developmental groups, many kids had to wear masks. Kids miss so much when wearing masks because they can’t learn expressions for their emotional development.”

“I hope that people and parents are more open to the extra support now because of what we all went through during covid.”

“Early intervention is key here.”

“An IDP is an education plan to give your child special accommodations in or outside of the classroom. For example, sometimes a child may get their paraprofessional to work directly with them throughout the day, or they may get extra time to finish assignments. It depends on what the IDP goals are.”

“Occupational therapy can be affordable for low-income families through Medicaid. Medicaid is a great provider for occupational and speech therapy services.”

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