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Why You Should Give Your Kids an Allowance with Nikki Spo

Mamas and Papas! This episode is for you. It's pretty straight forward... These are my reasons for why YOU SHOULD give your (little) kids an allowance. Hear me out! Let's go. LISTEN HERE.

Quotes you don't want to miss!

"I think teaching our young kids responsibility is incredibly important."

"I implemented an allowance system that gave them some external motivation to help around the house."

"As parents, we need to teach intrinsic values and motivation which takes time and maturity."

"This $5 weekly investment that I give to my kids has many many benefits."

The 7 benefits to giving your kids an allowance:

  1. Establishing responsibilities at home

  2. Understanding the value of money and personal items

  3. Taking care of our things without being wasteful and inconsiderate

  4. Counting and recognizing numbers

  5. Empowering ourselves to make our own choices

  6. Practicing delayed gratification

  7. Practicing saving money

Time Stamps

2:13| let's talk about motivation

5:05 | What we do in my home

9:35 | How I give allowance

15:40 | What is the lesson here?


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