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Women in Art ft. Gallerist Jacquelin Napal

Jacquelin Napal is an established entrepreneur in the Contemporary Art Industry. Jacquelin managed her first gallery at the mere age of 24! While in this role, Jacquelin quickly noticed a gap in the art industry for female entrepreneurship. By the age of 30, Jacquelin and her close friend and business partner Kat Emery opened the gallery Art Angels in Los Angeles. Art Angels Gallery is a vibrant and welcoming space for artists, collectors, and admirers of art. Art Angels currently represents over 50 artists. Jacquelin’s focus is on managing the creative aspects of the gallery which includes art curation for real estate developers looking to elevate their spec properties, interior designers, celebrities and every-day lovers of art. Jacquelin continues to enjoy working with artists to encourage their talents, creative journeys and personal stories so that they can continue to connect better with their audiences.

Jacquelin is a proud mother, female business founder, and a creative powerhouse. As a female founder in a male dominated industry, Jacquelin recognizes the importance of showing duality between strength and grace. When she is not in her gallery space, Jacquelin is passionate about all forms of wellness ranging from the physical to the spiritual and emotional.

In this fun episode of The Know with Nikki Spo, Nikki and Jacquelin discuss the art world, being a female leader, taking chances and so much more. As Jacquelin was Nikki’s first professional mentor, this episode is largely focused on females in business and in particular, the art industry, as well as the importance of women supporting and uplifting other women. They discuss pivoting from a difficult work environment and how working within your passion can create real daily joy. Nikki and Jacquelin also speak about their experiences being married to powerful husbands and how they have both paved their own identities and careers. Jacquelin discusses how her journey to owning a successful gallery began, how important partnerships in business can be, how she balances motherhood and work-life and so much more.

Connect with Jacquelin: Web: Instagram: @art_angels

Connect with Nikki: Web: Instagram: @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo For more information on sponsorships and collaborations, please email


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