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YOUR Empowered Life! with Susan Burrell

In this “woo woo” episode of The Know with Nikki Spo, Nikki and Susan go off script! The ladies discuss consciousness, awareness, and intuition. Susan leads us in a powerful clearing and then in a beautiful meditation. Susan and Nikki discuss the journey of the soul, how our personal healing can work to break family patterns and cycles and how our energy, choices and lives can all work together to make lasting changes for the greater good. Susan shares her insights, experience and even cues us in on some ways that the universe is trying to get our individual attentions. Susan reminds us to be awake and mindful to the world around us as we are all creating the future.

Susan Burrell is an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Guide. She has navigated life by learning how to listen within to the Divine urge that keeps pointing her in the direction of her life’s purpose. She is an empath who now realizes that the empathic part of her is a gift, and it is what she uses when she works with clients to help them to uncover their brilliance and inner love. Susan loves being in conversation with people and learning what they think and feel. She loves it so much that she started a podcast called, Empowering Chats with Susan Burrell which can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio or your favorite podcast platform. This podcast is a follow-up to Susan's positive talk radio show called, “Living Your Inspired Life” that she hosted and broadcast in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties from 2010-2016. Susan’s book Live An Empowered Life! is a 30-Day Journey Book filled with affirmations, tools and exercises that will lead you to a higher, deeper consciousness, one of self-love and transformation. Susan has also created Inspirational Empowerment Cards as a companion to the book to give you daily affirmations and inspiration as you navigate your 30-Day Journey. Mostly, Susan loves supporting women in their inner growth toward finding their true empowerment. She gets so much joy watching a woman unfold from her broken ideas of who she thinks she is and blossom into the beautiful and powerful being she was meant to be. She teaches what she has personally learned and navigated through in her life. After feeling that her heart and her life were shattered beyond repair, she came to realize that her true self - the one she was meant to be was hidden under the rubble and shards of a seemingly “broken” life.

Connect with Nikki: @nikkisappspo @theknowwithnikkispo For information on collars/sponsorships, please email


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