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The Know with Nikki Spo is a podcast that highlights the experiences of women who are finding and celebrating their inner knowing.

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The Know is about creating a space to inspire women by sharing stories of perseverance and hope.

We aim to amplify the voices of other women with the ultimate goal of helping women honor their inner knowing and live their most authentic lives.


Meet your host

Nikki Spo

Nikki Spoelstra is the host of The Know with Nikki Spo - a globally top ranked podcast which highlights the stories of individuals who are finding and celebrating their deepest sense of inner knowing in a space where it’s not about knowing everything, but about coming to know ourselves.

Covering topics that range from motherhood and business to wellness and self-care, The Know with Nikki Spo has been nominated for the People’s Choice Podcast Award and is up for two coveted Gracie Awards, which honor exceptional women in podcasting and journalism.

Nikki is a single mom of three, has overcome tough life experiences with ferocity and grace, and is a compelling speaker of truths.

"We are here in this life to share our gifts with the world. It is our responsibility to do so. Because when we do, we are living our purpose."

- Nikki Spo

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