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IT'S A TAKEOVER! 4 Steps for Getting Into Alignment With Your 2023 Self with Jamie Lee Ruiz

Hey, Truthspeakers! We are switching things up this week. It’s a PODCAST TAKEOVER! My girl, Jamie Lee Ruiz, who is an intuitive life coach and professional dancer, is taking over episode 73! You might remember Jamie from Episode 25, Glowing Up with Jamie Lee Ruiz.

Jamie is the person I turn to the most when I need a deep, soul reality check, a soul pick-me-up, and a soul “you got this.” And she doesn’t just help ME… She is helping HUNDREDS of people. For real, her coaching is #MAGICAL. Jamie’s coaching focuses on self-love, mindset, and manifestation. She loves all things growth, healing, and spirituality.

In this episode, Jamie is going to walk us through 4 steps to get you into alignment with your 2023 self. The four steps that we dive into today are reflection, desires, release, and shift. Listen to episode 73 to align yourself for the coming year.

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In this episode:

  • Self-reflection

  • Being grounded in the present moment

  • Desires and finding what you want

  • Thinking through how you want to feel

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs

  • Leaving your fears in 2022

  • Shifting your belief system

  • Attracting what you desire

  • Aligning your 2023 self

“I think sometimes we are in such a rush to get to a future place or manifestation, that we forget to acknowledge that we are currently living the life we once desired.”

“The universe won’t give you more if you are not grateful for what you currently have.”

“Our desires were placed in our hearts by God's source Universe for us to have, for us to take action and manifest, and for us to live out. So give yourself permission to want what you want with no limitations.”

“Decide what you are letting go of. What thoughts? What limiting beliefs? What fears? They no longer serve you. Leave them all in 2022 and decide that they can’t go where you are headed.”

“You get to decide what beliefs live in your mind, in your body, and in your soul. We all have a belief system. If that belief system is not in line with our desires, not in line with who we are trying to be, not in line with what we want, we can acknowledge it is not serving us any longer.”

“Shifting is where you actively get into alignment with your desires. In order to attract what you want, you have to believe it is possible for you.”

“The universe is not responding to what you want, it is responding to who you are being.”


Show gratitude for what you have and who you have been

Get crystal clear on your desires

Release what no longer serves youS

tep into your new self, your new mindset, and your new life

Connect with Jamie @jameslee4

Connect with Nikki @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo

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