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Bag… SECURED. Nikki Gets Interviewed by Jamie Ruiz

Okay so. This week is a little different. My girl, Jamie Ruiz is here interviewing ME to get all the TEA… Jamie and I have been besties for forever and she has been a guest on The Know a few times now. She is a life coach and is helping hundreds of women achieve their goals and dreams and live the life that they have always wanted to live. But yeah. Um… she’s going in on me this week and she’s not holding back. 

In this episode…

  • “Fumbling the bag”

  • I ain’t sayin she’s a gold digger. 

  • Social media haters 

  • The struggle bus of money 

  • Life experiences 


“I don't think I fumbled any bags because my bag is peace, and when peace is involved I don’t think you’re fumbling any bags.” - Nikki Spo 

“I’m interested in coming home to myself and I think a lot of people want that but they don’t know that they want it.” - Nikki Spo 

“Life can be good on the other side of a sad experience.” - Nikki Spo 

“Sometimes you start relationships as one version of yourself and either one person changes or both people change and you’re no longer an energetic match for each other. And that’s okay.” - Jamie Ruiz

“Things last however long they need to last and we grow into the versions of ourselves that we need to be and we make our exits where we need to make our exits.” - Jamie Ruiz 


0:00 - 3:20 | Intro 

3:20 - 5:20 | Why Jamie is interviewing Nikki 

5:20 - 12:10 | Answering the haters 

12:10 - 22:29 | The struggle bus of money 

22:29 - 26:40 | The Know 

26:40 - 28:45 | Podcast content changing post divorce 

28:45 - 34:35 | Dating 

34:35 - 41:20 | Finding an outlet  

41:20 - 42:36 | Outro 


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Connect with Jamie 

Connect with Nikki 


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