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Birth Control and Cycle School with Kate Morton 

What is up fammmm! Today we are getting into the topic of cycles… yeah, our monthly cycles. With over seven years of experience as a registered dietitian and a master's degree in human clinical nutrition, today's guest Kate Morton is dedicated to menstrual health and anti-diet culture education. She founded Funk It Wellness with a mission to empower all menstruators, providing them with autonomy over their bodies and helping them make peace with food and their cycles. Tune in to find out more!

In this episode… 

  • Menstrual cycle 

  • Shame around your period 

  • A comforting environment 

  • Generational differences 

  • The 4 cycles 

  • Birth control 

  • 4 phases = 4 seasons 

  • Seed cycling 


“We make up over half of the population and there's not enough studies about us and our bodies and how we function and we are the life bringers.” - Nikki Spo 

“Society does not like to honor aging women and so of course we're not going to talk about sex because our society is so twisted.” - Kate Morton 

“When we're disconnected from our bodies, we don't appreciate them and we don't love them and we don't take care of them the way that we should.” - Kate Morton 

“There's four phases of your menstrual cycle. You feel different in each phase. Your body needs different care in each phase.” - Kate Morton 

“I think people need to understand that my menstrual cycle doesn't make me weak. It's actually a super power that I can use to my advantage.” - Kate Morton 


0:00 - 2:10 | Intro 

2:10 - 6:55 | The beginning of the period 

6:55 - 11:45 | Birth control 

11:45 - 16:55 | Pros and cons of birth control 

16:55 - 18:20 | Menopause 

18:20 - 20:00 | Body disconnection 

20:00 - 23:48 | Perception of menstruation 

26:00 - 37:25 | Phases of the menstrual cycle 

37:25 - 43:40 | Seed cycling 

43:40 - 48:20 | Open communication about menstrual cycles in relationships 

48:20 - 50:42 | Outro 

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Connect with Kate  

Connect with Nikki 


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