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Breaking Free with Monica Del Valle

Episode 131’s guest, Monica Del Valle, is a woman who I genuinely look up to and admire. She has been through some sh*t and has made lemonade out of lemons. She owns a powerhouse yoga studio, the Break Free Movement. Before that, she was a health coach passionate about wellness that inspired her to open her studio. True to all guests on The Know, there is MUCH more to her.

In this episode we are discovering so much more as we take a glimpse into the real essence and story about Monica Del Valle. 

In this episode…

  • Who is Monica Del Valle

  • What Yoga means to Monica

  • The story behind Monica’s success story 

  • Creating a welcoming healthy environment 

  • The importance of being present 

  • Learning from being a mother

  • Balanced life 

  • Postpartum 

  • Normalizing therapy and medication 


0:00 - 2:15 | Introduction

2:15 - 7:00 | Who is Monica Del Valle

7:00 - 10:20 | Consciousness and awareness 

10:20 - 15:50 | What Yoga means to Monica

15:50 - 20:20 | Monica’s dark times

20:20 - 24:30 | Healing to break generational trauma 

24:30 - 27:45 | How becoming a mother impacts views on life, love, work and sense of purpose

27:45 - 31:25 | Creating a balanced life 

31:25 - 38:20 | Postpartum experiences 

38:20 - 41:50 | Pelvic floor therapy 

41:50 - 43:40 | No woman is alone! 

43:40 - 49:53 | Co-parenting advice 


“A big part of what you are doing, with adults even, is bringing them to a sense of consciousness and awareness and keeping them centered.” - Nikki Spo 

“When I am going through a hard time I give myself a hug and I am like ‘dude I got you. You are safe here.’ As parents we can teach our kids to do something similar.” - Nikki Spo 

“Yoga was really there for me when I needed it. It took my mind off of what was going on at home.” - Monica Del Valle 

“A person who heals his or her self is not just healing the generations that came after them, they're healing the generations of their lineage above.” - Nikki Spo

“Although I work, I make sure I carve out time for my daughters and make sure I am there for that play or pick them up from school because it’s important for them and it’s important for me.” - Monica Del Valle 

“My daughters have taught me the meaning of love. They are my heart beating outside of my heart.” - Monica Del Valle 

“You can get a divorce five hundred times but your kids are yours.” - Monica Del Valle 

“Even if we are co-parenting, we are still a team and we are still a family. My kids will always come first.” - Monica Del Valle 


“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” - Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


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Connect with Monica Del Valle 

Connect with Nikki 


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