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Don't Sleep on Your 40s with Marilyn Sanchez

I've been working on this one for a long time, truth speakers! I have wanted to interview Marilyn forever and she finally agreed! Listen in as she talks about her journey to opening her widely popular and hugely successful store, The Showroom... in her 40s! She has overcome so many obstacles and has pivoted relentlessly to provide for her family and create the business of her dreams. She inspires me and reminds me every day that my best days are ALWAYS ahead. And… She reminds women everywhere... NOT to sleep on their 40s.

Additional topics covered:

  • Loss of a loved one Motherhood

  • Saving money after divorce Emotional coping strategies

  • Love for fashion Betting on yourself Age is wisdom Success in your 40’s

Connect with Marilyn: @theshowroommiami

Connect with Nikki: @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo

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