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My MONEY Story - Nikki Spo

What is up money mamas! Nikki Spo here for another solo episode. So in truth, this episode was the actual first solo episode I actually recorded. It is totally unscripted and there's really no advice. I'm just sharing my experience... my money story. And it took me a bit to get the gutz to release this one bc it feels very "me, me, me!" But it is what it is. You know I don't think there are many mistakes in the world and there's a reason you need to hear this message. There aren't any "obvious" takeaways here TBH (but sometimes takeaways are meant to be subtle)...but what you WILL get is an overall feeling of empowerment, the notion that your "money things" are a direct result of your mindset (good or bad), and really an inside look at what my life was like and how the hustle began.

I hope you find it insightful! BTW. It's okay to want, make, or have lots of money. Don't let anyone shame you into feeling otherwise. #IYKYK


Get in touch w me: @nikkisappspo @theknowwithnikkispo

For collabs/sponsorship, hit up my girl Sloane at You know you want to. #IYKYK


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