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Nikki Spo // UNVEILED: Sober During the Holidays? Let’s Talk!

What is up superstars! Today we have a Nikki Spo // UNVEILED episode where I am going to get into it with you all about being sober during the holidays. At the time of this podcast episode I have 1,334 days of continuous sobriety. This is my fourth holiday season without alcohol or drugs and I hope to help anyone in the audience who is currently sober, is sober curious, or anyone who knows someone who is either of those. 

In this Episode:

  • Sobriety 

  • Sober during the holidays 

  • Sober curious 

  • Unhealthy coping mechanisms 

  • Sobriety does not make you perfect 

  • Sitting in discomfort 

  • Observing rather than reacting 

  • A vicious cycle 

  • Sobriety tips 

  • The power of journaling 


“Even the most magical times of the year have often also had its fair share of anxiety.” 

“Two opposing concepts can be true at the same time. We can love the holiday season but also feel really anxious or triggered by them too.” 

“Just because I am sober and haven't had a single sip of alcohol in all this time does not mean that I am all of a sudden a saint. No, I still mess up. And I really want to drive that home because what's not cool is having an air of superiority when it comes to sobriety.”

“Allow yourself to make progress rather than strive for perfection.” 

“So in a world where I was drinking and over drinking for the purpose of escape of any sort, I was not able to simply be. I think that now without alcohol in my life it has been less about coping with my life without the crutch of alcohol and more about actually experiencing my life without it.” 

“My last tip is probably the most important one is to check on your friends. I think in general, not just sober people, but just as a friend. Check on your friends. It's the kindest thing that somebody can do in any scenario really.” 


0:00 - 1:30 | Introduction 

1:30 - 2:35 | Escapism through consumption during the holiday’s 

2:35 - 3:50 | Self reflection & self awareness 

3:50 - 4:55 | Feeling triggered around the holidays 

4:55 - 6:10 | The art of being 

6:10 - 12:10 | Sobriety tips 

12:10 - 15:25 | A message to friends and loved ones of sober and sober curious people

15:25 - 16:56 | Outroduction

Connect with Nikki

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