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Oh, So You’re Dating?! with Evan Marc Katz

What is up fam and welcome back to The Know! I am SO excited for today’s episode as I am joined by THE OG dating coach Evan Marc Katz. He specializes in helping smart 👏🏼 successful 👏🏼 women create LONG LASTING LOVE.

Raise the bar, girly. Never again settle for a dissatisfying relationship. Literally, my favorite episode I’ve ever recorded. Don’t miss it. 

In this episode… 

  • Percentages & The Dating Pool

  • But what do you REALLY want?

  • What does your perfect Saturday look like with your partner?


  • What’s on your relationship checklist and WHY

  • NOT ignoring the red flags 🚩 

  • Relationship CEO energy 

  • Compatibility vs. similarities 

  • Assume the answer is YES

  • Compromising vs. Settling

  • Sex exclusivity and having THAT convo


“My belief is that good relationships are easy.” - Evan Marc Katz 

“One of the things that I find really surprising is that women are supposed to be the more sensitive and intuitive sex, and yet they're more likely to ignore their feelings than men.” - Evan Marc Katz 

“My central metaphor for my ‘Love You’ course is that women are the CEOs and men are the interns.” - Evan Marc Katz 

“You settle your way into misery. You compromise your way into happiness.” - Evan Marc Katz 


0:00 - 3:20 | Introduction 

3:20 - 4:40 | Talking about what you WANT to talk about 

4:40 - 7:45 | Differences between being a coach vs. therapist 

7:45 - 13:15 | Finding the right one 

13:15 - 15:20 | Relationship stigmas against women 

15:20 - 18:45 | Getting rid of the relationship checklist 

18:45 - 23:30 | Listening to your emotions 

23:30 - 25:12 | Opposite of CEO energy in relationships 

26:18 - 28:50 | Compatibility 

28:50 - 34:35 | Why we always assume the answer is yes with men 

34:35 - 36:05 | Compromising 

36:05 - 41:40 | Sex for single women 

41:40 - 45:10 | Exclusivity 

45:10 - 47:58 | Outro 


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