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Recreating Yourself on Your Terms With Iman Hasan

In this engaging episode, we take a deep dive into the world of women's empowerment, modern well-being, and career development with our guest, Iman Hasan. Iman is the Founder and CEO of IHC Agency, an award-winning creative agency specializing in innovative marketing strategies. She has worked in luxury lifestyle and communication for over 15 years. Iman's interests extend far beyond her professional accomplishments. She is deeply passionate about wellness, animal rescue, plant medicine, psychedelic therapies, philanthropy, and her unwavering commitment to serving others as her life's higher purpose. 

What's truly inspiring about Iman is her unwavering support for women. She emphasizes the importance of choice in navigating the world as a woman.

HER MOTTO IS, "You don't have to be a woman in a man's world; you just have to choose to be a woman."

Her empowering messages throughout this episode will resonate with listeners from all walks of life, showing the importance of making your own decisions and, most importantly, choosing FREEDOM. 

In this episode…

Iman’s background 

Growing up in London and living in Dubai 


Creating a network

Having a voice 

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome 

Being authentic 

Alpha women

Working your way up

Financial freedom

Being of service 

Gratitude and motherhood 

Choosing your soul’s journey 



“My contacts have gone a very long way. One thing I would tell young women is to be very good at making connections. My network is what carried me through for so long.”

“I put myself out there. I was unapologetic and fearless about what I wanted for my future and how I wanted it to be. Even now, I still feel imposter syndrome.”

“I am creating a space where I deserve to have a voice and be here. I deserve it, and everyone else deserves to hear this too. What we are talking about is really important.” - Nikki Spo

“The journey starts with me.” 

“It is hard to be an alpha woman in a world that does not want alpha women to run rampant.” - Nikki Spo

“What do you value? I value human connection. I value giving back and being in service.”

“If you are doing something just for the gratitude or for the notoriety, then I urge people to question their true intentions.” - Nikki Spo

“You don’t have to be a woman in a man’s world. You just have to choose to be a woman.”


0:00- 2:30 | Introduction

2:30- 7:30 | Iman’s background 

7:30- 10:30 | Iman’s professional journey  

10:30- 14:25 | Building a network

14:25- 20:01 | Being an alpha woman and working your way up

20:01- 30:00 | Service in Motherhood and healing your lineage 

30:00- 41:45 | Dealing with Imposter Syndrome 

41:45- 43:58 | Outro

Connect with Iman Hassan

Connect with Nikki 


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