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SO... You're Getting a Divorce!? with Michelle Suarez

Welcome back light seekers and truth speakers! Today my guest, Michelle Suarez, and I are going to talk about what seems to be a hot topic lately, which is… DIVORCE.

Michelle Suarez is a mom of three and an attorney who founded The Divorce Broker, which is a boutique firm for professional guidance and legal consulting support to women who need general advice, are contemplating or navigating the challenging process of divorce, pre and post-nuptial, settlement agreements and beyond.

In this conversation, Michelle gets candid about the most common fears and hesitations she encounters when coaching her clients through a divorce process, along with how she helps her clients feel empowered and confident through the phases of their journey.

This is one of those convos that you’ll be grateful to hear without having had to ask the questions yourself ;)

In this episode…

  • Divorce 

  • Financial changes

  • Family changes 

  • Finding a sense of control

  • Women empowerment 

  • Support system 

  • Loneliness 

  • Different experiences  

  • Loss of community 

  • Finances

  • Impact on kids 


“After my divorce was over I knew this is what I wanted to do. This is my calling. I want to sit down and I want to help women.” - Michelle Suarez 

“The hardest part is being able to think clearly, being able to set your emotions aside, and watching your whole life change.” - Michelle Suarez

“I read something recently that said, ‘You're not my competition. Everybody's assignment is different.’ And so women need to come together and start turning towards each other instead of away from each other to help lift each other up in whatever capacity that is.” - Nikki Spo

“I wanted to focus on women because we need each other. And I think we're amazing beings. I think we're smart and I think all of us have something to offer each other.” - Michelle Suarez 

“I love to see women coming together to support each other, but I think there's also something hugely powerful when men come up and rise up to support women in their journeys to you.” - Nikki Spo

“Divorce is hard on everyone. Whether you want it or not it rocks your world.” - Michelle Suarez 

“You need to find a place where you can have your feelings supported and controlled so that you can make clear decisions. And that's why I'm doing this to make that place for other women.” - Michelle Suarez

“I think that a lot of people feel alone in general, not just in divorces, but with whatever they're going through. So finding a community of people that can support is so important.” Nikki Spo

“I think that in general, regardless of marriage, divorce, or relationships, more and more women need to come to a sense of awareness and awakening within themselves that they deserve to have a seat at the table when it comes to their own finances.” - Nikki Spo

“It's never going to be easy because divorce is not an easy thing. But I think if you prioritize your children and let them be the center and make your decisions around them, it is much better.” - Michelle Suarez 


0:00 - 2:15 | Introduction 

2:15 - 5:30 | Michelle’s background 

5:30 - 9:00 | The hardest part about divorce 

9:00 - 12:05 | Women working together 

12:05 - 13:40 | Universal truths about the divorce process 

13:40 - 16:05 | Addressing the BIG feelings 

16:05 - 18:50 | Compartmentalizing 

19:55 - 23:30 | What Michelle is REALLY doing for women 

23:30 - 27:40 | Finances 

27:40 - 28:30 | Every marriage is different! 

28:30 - 33:30 | Dissecting stigmas 

33:30 - 35:30 | Biggest fears of divorce 

35:30 - 36:55 | Impact on kids 

36:55 - 38:45 | Tips for women 

38:45 - 41:04 | Outro 

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Connect with Michelle Suarez & The Divorce Broker 

Connect with Nikki 


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