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Strength Beyond Circumstance with Danielle Crease

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Danielle is a wife, daughter, sister, traveler, survivor and trainer. Eight years ago, two weeks before Danielle was scheduled to move to Taiwan, she endured a near fatal boating accident off the Coast of Key Biscayne in Miami, Florida which left her paralyzed from the knee down. Danielle was the first person in the world to receive an experimental nerve surgery using Schwann Cells for Peripheral Nerve Paralysis. Knowing that she was destined to live an extraordinary life, Danielle agreed to this experimental surgery with the understanding that this research could change the lives of many suffering from paralysis in the future. Danielle moved to Taiwan a year and a half after the accident, later moving to Jamaica as a farmer, to California as a ranch hand and then to Southern Oregon where she is a personal trainer and fitness coach. Danielle is Founder of DCFIT a business that provides outdoor bootcamps and personal training. Danielle is living her dream of helping others through fitness.

In her own words the accident “has been an asset to understanding my client’s mental states and the way the body can move, endure, and come back from injury. It has also allowed me to be more empathetic to those who move differently due to various traumas of the body”.

In this undeniably inspiring episode of The Know, Danielle shares her incredible story of life before and after a near fatal boating accident. Danielle speaks about the day of the accident, the events of the accident and her experiences thereafter. As a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, Danielle shares her love of movement and how she has used it as both therapy and medicine. She reiterates time and again how many beautiful things have arisen from her darkest moments. Danielle's gratitude, honesty and grace are the embodiment of a woman living in her own personal knowing.

Other topics covered:

  • anxiety

  • the feelings attached to anxiety

  • the beauty of exercise and movement

  • Feelings can be universal

  • There is always light

Connect with Danielle: Web: IG: @daniellemcrease

Connect with Nikki: Web: IG: @nikkisappspo / @theknowwithnikkispo

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